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Raw Color on Paper

Color plain and simple

For the Lift-Off exhibition, Raw Color presented an investigation into spatiality, making use of the simplest of ingredients with which the painter is accustomed to working. Artist/designers focus on planes, lines, shadows, colours and reflections, details that usually go unnoticed suddenly play an important role. The corners that move away from one another, the shadow modulation on a surface, darker at the top and catching progressively more light as it moves downward. This is a simple and subtle approach to exploring colour and its impact.

Part of ‘This is Basic’ research is the photoseries. Here the focus is on the structure and spatiality of paper. By means of shadow, reflection, lines and color arises an abstract image. Through the exposure appears a color gradient and reflections which normally stays unnoticed. Paper doesn’t feel like paper anymore. The photos were exhibited at the exhibition Lift Off. more

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This entry was posted on November 10, 2011 by in Art, Color, Exhibition, Paper.

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