Design 3

Visual Organization + Communication Design


Assignments will be provided throughout the semester. It is expected that you will execute all assignments in a professional manner: clean, neat, well presented.

Preparing a project for submission

Mounting art work for formal presentation

Execute all assignments in a professional manner: clean, neat, well presented. This is taken into consideration when evaluating your work it will impact your grade.

All final printed projects unless otherwise instructed should be mounted on 2 or 3 ply white cold press illustration board. The art work should be mounted using rubber cement or spray mount (but please no spray mount inside the class room). Neatly trim the art work and mount the it centered on the face of the illustration board. The illustration board should have a neatly cut mat and even boarder around the face of the work. Provide for between a 2″ margin on the top, left and right and a 4″ margin on the bottom. For example if your project art work is 8.5×11″ portrait format. Mount art work vertically on a 10.5×15″ piece of illustration board. Cover the face of the work with a protective flap of Tissue (glassine, or tracing paper). Create a label with full your name, date, instructor and project name legibly written or typed and attach it to the back securely.

Example below shows the BACK view of the board which includes the label.

Tissue paper flap:
The flap covers the face of the art work. The tissue is taped on the back side of the illustration board using white artists tape.
Legible typed name tag:
your full name
project name

Preparing digital files for submission

All electronic files are to be submitted along with each assignment.

Naming your file

  • When naming your files use the following convention when you submit your work each week. last name, first initial, week number, and a short descriptive project name followed by the file suffix eg. jpg, .jpeg,  pdf, .doc, etc.
  • Web servers do not like spaces or most puntuation in a file name, so run everything together and leave out the “/”.
  • Examples:
    Wrong andrew robinson week1/projectname, ar#1
    Right robinsona01projectname.indd, robinsona01projectnameimage1.jpg
  • Once you have prepared your files you should submit them to the instructor. If you miss class you can email them to me by the start of that weeks class. Otherwise the work will be considered late.
    • You may submit files either via blackboard, or via the in-class drop box on the network depending upon the instructions of the professor. Do not email very large files to the instructor.

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