Design 3

Visual Organization + Communication Design


Your final grade is determined by:  

  • Your understanding of the course material.
  • The quality of your work and the research that precedes it.
  • Your creativity and pursuit of excellence in design.
  • Your understanding of the project assignments and the correct use of materials and formats specified.
  • Your participation in class and online
  • Your improvement
  • Your attendance
  • Your projects being completed and handed in on time.
  • Problem solving (both creative and technical), sketches/research, design resolution, and participation in critique discussions. End of semester grades will be based on the average of the project grades, attendance record, homework and sketchbook/blog, student’s participation, progress, growth and effort throughout the semester.

All projects are due at the beginning of class. Any project or assignment not turned in will
receive a grade of “F”.   Late work will be graded down one grade for every late class.  If you are absent and an assignment is due, it is your responsibility to get the assignment to the professor on time. If that is not possible, you will need to e-mail the professor to make other arrangements.

Grade Descriptions:

A 4.0     Work of exceptional quality. 95-100%
These are projects that go above and beyond the expectations and requirements described in the assignment. They demonstrate substantial effort and achievement in the areas of critical thinking, technique and presentation.
A- 3.7     Work of very high quality.  90-94%  
B+ 3.3 Work of high quality, higher than average abilities. 86-89%
B 3.0  Very good work that satisfies goals of course. 83-85%
The “B” student offers a clear and convincing structure to a visual endeavor that is more complex and unique than a project at the average level. The creator’s point of view and point of the project are merged successfully and organized fairly consistently throughout the project. Although minor structural problems may be present in the assignment, they do not hinder the overall outcome.
B-  2.7 Good work. 80-82%
C+ 2.3 Above Average work, Average understanding of course material. 76-79%
C 2.0 Average  work;  passable. 73 -75%
The student demonstrates an engagement with the assignment. The project will show that the creator can identify and work with key ideas and examples found in reference material. Typical of a “C” project is that the original problem or assignment once approached, does not develop further. Projects may also have organizational, technical weaknesses.
C- 1.7    Passing work but below good academic standing.  70-72%
D 1.0     Below average work; does not fully understand the concepts of the course. 60-70%
Although this is passable work, the project only answers the minimum requirements of the assignment. The projects shows very little effort, is incomplete, late or incorrect in its approach. The outcome shows a lack of full understanding and commitment on the part of the creator.
F 0     Failure, no credit. 0-59%
WF     Withdrawal Failing.
Indicates that a student has unofficially withdrawn or stopped attending classes. It may also be issued when a student fails to submit a final project or to take an examination without prior notification or approval from the instructor.  WF is equivalent to an F in calculating the grade point average (zero grade points) and no credit is awarded.


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