Design 3

Visual Organization + Communication Design


This course is an introduction to graphic communication, visual organization and information design. Students will explore different types of information and the modes of visual organization and representation that are appropriate to them. There is a specific focus on typography, iconography, grid systems and visual hierarchy. The class involves a studio and will draw upon previous design and technology skills.

Prerequisite: Design 1 and 2

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a conceptual and practical understanding of visual organization.
  • Develop an ability to demonstrate this conceptual understanding through design practice.
  • Develop a repertoire of strategies for the visualization of a variety of kinds of information.
  • Understand the implications that visual organization skills hold for the practice of design management.
  • Understand and demonstrate responsible, engaged and informed critique.
  • Develop formal, craft and presentation skills in a manner that appropriately and successfully reflects and communicates intent.
  • Understand the applicability of your knowledge of visual organization to your upper-level classes (Design Research Methods, Design Development, Senior Seminar and Thesis).

Stuff You Will Need

  • Materials and Supplies. Each week you will be asked to work on various projects in class and for homework.
  • Class Journal and Blog.  In addition to the materials you will need for your projects, you will also be asked to document your class notes, discussions, ideas, research and designs in progress in a class journal or notebook and on your class blog. After you create a blog for this class, please email a link to the professor, include the link and your full name.
  • Get this book…Thinking with Type. Second Edition, by Lupton, Ellen. New York, Princeton Architectural Press.
    You may purchase a copy of “Thinking with Type” from the Barnes and Noble text book store on 5th ave. near 18th street. is a supplement to Ellen’s book

See additional resources and materials

This syllabus and schedule are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Material included is intended to provide an outline of the course and rules that the instructor will adhere to in evaluating the student’s progress. However, this syllabus is not intended to be a legal contract. Questions regarding the syllabus are welcome at any time and may be directed to the instructor.


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