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Jose DeJesus Zamora Drawing The Vitruvian Figure 1: Male

Here is a video of Professor Jose DeJesus Zamora Drawing The Vitruvian Male Figure. Note how he uses the grid, square and circle to establish proportions for the human form.  … Continue reading

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Why do compositions “feel” right?

One aspect of a composition “feeling” right, is the sense of visual structure and proportion.  The Golden Ratio offers us one way to address structure and balance. What is the … Continue reading

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Creating a rotating pattern in Illustrator


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From Sister Corita’s Art Department Rules

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The Maze Book

This video gets a little “scrap bookish” but all that aside, the format, folds and cuts demonstrate the technique that can be used to create a simple book from one … Continue reading

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The Texture of Type

The distance from the baseline of one line of type to another is called line spacing.It is also called leading, in reference to the strips of lead used to separate lines of metal … Continue reading

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Comic Sans Nation

Here is a really silly song and music video poking fun at the much derided typeface Comic Sans, designed by Vincent Connare for Microsoft. More about Comic Sans More about Comic … Continue reading

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Welcome. Find out what’s happening in our Design 3 studio class by reading along with this blog. Weekly posts will give insights about discussions, lectures, assignments, homework and finished projects. … Continue reading

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Designed by Christian Schwartz; the Graphik typeface was commissioned for Condé Nast Portfolio and expanded for Wallpaper* and later T, the New York Times’ style magazine and Esquire. Graphik was … Continue reading

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The typeface Gotham. Gotham was inspired by the simple sans-serif typefaces seen on buildings and architectural signage in New York City. The designer Tobias Frere-Jones at Hoefler Type Foundry has … Continue reading

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