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NYC Information Graphic Design Competition 2012

We’re looking for the most creative, innovative and amazing infographic to illuminate the fact that New York City (the “City”) is the best city in the world for business. Enter … Continue reading

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Designing an Idea… Examples of Book Covers and Editorial Communication Designs

Creating visual snapshots of an idea is clearly harder than it looks, otherwise there would be brilliant communication designs everywhere all the time. I love these examples of communication design … Continue reading

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Book Covers, etc.

Check out the wonderful website The Book Cover Archive that has an archive of book cover designs. Also check out the AIGA Design Archives

November 14, 2011 · Leave a comment

Raw Color on Paper

Color plain and simple For the Lift-Off exhibition, Raw Color presented an investigation into spatiality, making use of the simplest of ingredients with which the painter is accustomed to working. … Continue reading

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Complex Grid

Here is an excellent article about creating a complex grid in InDesign based on the work of Karl Gerstner. Karl Gerstner designed this grid for his work on the CAPITAL … Continue reading

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Type Is Art Here is a playful way to simultaneously learn about the parts of type and explore some creative visualizations of typographic forms. Here are a couple of examples of typographic … Continue reading

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Fun Folding

October 19, 2011 · Leave a comment

Grid Systems

A grid is an instrument for ordering graphical elements of text and images. Before we even begin to tackle designing grid systems we need to have a basic understanding of … Continue reading

October 6, 2011 · Leave a comment


Here is a wonderful example of typography, contrast and pattern. If you missed it, this was wall papered in a dizzying pattern on the back wall at the exit of … Continue reading

October 4, 2011 · Leave a comment

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